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February 15, 17

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This site, as some of you are aware, has been on a hiatus. The podcast is going to be recorded when there is time, posted, and hopefully you all will comment.

This site is going to still remain the unofficial Major Crimes Podcast, but we’ll post things relating to the current episodes as well. If we can swing it, we’ll talk to some of the cast, and interview them.

If you have not seen it, head over to James Duff’s Facebook and read the first blog entry for the new set of episodes.

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September 19, 16
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Major Crimes knows they have their hands full, when their victim turns out to be someone the FBI was trying to put into witness protection. Their victim is found dead, in the doorway of his home, shot to death. With the suspects ranging from the wife, to the son, to the eccentric life coach, or other family friends, the team narrows it down to one. Provenza takes an interest in one of the suspects who seems to be having a difficult time and Rusty, who has a hard time fitting in at school, continues to have a rough time at school.

The episode written by Adam Belanhoff and directed by Arvin Brown came in at a steady 5.87 in the ratings. With Major Crimes still considered fresh out of the gate, three weeks after the ending of ‘The Closer’ the ratings remain steady from the last week. Guest starring in this episode is Michael Weatherly, as the eccentric life coach that Provenza finds himself interested in. Fans may know him as Anthony DiNozzo on CBS’ ‘NCIS’ and starting this fall, he will be on CBS’ ‘Bull’. 

Turnabout is fair play, as one might say. Every season of Major Crimes has a theme that the episodes try to explore. There are many questions in this episode about fairness that arise. What do you think this episode had to say about fairness in the case with the victim or Rusty at school? Let us know in the comments!

September 10, 16
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With the third episode out of the gate, Major Crimes held well, in the summer of 2012. Medical Causes, written by Michael Alaimo and Directed by Paul McCrane, dealt with a victim who, while drugged, killed three people and injured others.

The victim’s memory is blurry, not remembering the incident at all, or how she got to the hospital. Turns out the boyfriend drugged her, the victim, in order to have her fail a drug screen. When searched, the suspect had bottles of prescription drugs in his locker. Enough to be considered a mini-pharmacy. Done out of jealousy, the boyfriend drugged the victim, with the intention of ruining her career.

Still working to find Sharon Beck, Sharon Raydor gets a phone call from Reno P.D. on the other’s woman. Having found her, Sharon passes the phone onto Rusty, who is able to talk to his mother. Having paid for a bus ticket, the LAPD team along with Rusty await the appearance of Sharon Beck. In a heart warming moment between Rusty and Andy Flynn, Rusty wants his mother to feel welcomed and not looked down upon. With the bus arriving, the passengers get off, and there is no Sharon Beck. In a moment of disappointment, Rusty flees, leaving Andy Flynn to explain to his boss how he managed to lose Rusty. Struggling to maintain her poise, Sharon Raydor returns home to find Rusty there.

In an episode with many fine moments, we comment on the case, our favorite moments, and various fashion items we noticed. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you thought about this episode!

August 31, 16
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The team finds themselves hanging out with Chad, a dead personal trainer, and a few different suspects. The case becomes complicated as suspects come to light; the wife, a father of a client, and other clients whose videos were found on the victim’s iPad. The question of ‘Who done it’ is solved by the end of the episode and the reasoning behind the murder? A preventative measure so no other clients of Chad would get hurt.

While dealing with the case, Sharon Raydor juggles her personal life and her professional life which is slowly becoming one in the same. Rusty, the material witness who was placed in Sharon Raydor’s care in the last episode, is being uncooperative. The same can be said for Provenza, who is not liking the command change, and begins to second guess his stay with the Major Crimes Division and voices his unhappiness quite loudly.

The episode which was penned by Steven Kane and directed by Steve Robin, aired on TNT on August 20, 2012. Take a listen to the podcast, and let us know what you guys think!

August 27, 16
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Just after the close of The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick, Major Crimes premiered. Having fast forwarded some time in between commercials, the team found themselves with a new commander, a new team dynamic, and a new case of the week.

While the characters are the same, the dynamic of the show has shifted. It is not just about one character, like it was on The Closer, but of the whole team. Brought over from The Closer, with the exception of the team, is Rusty Beck, who at the end of The Closer found himself in close call. His story is brought over, having the team take it on, making him a material witness.

The episode, which was penned by series creator, James Duff, premiered with 7 million viewers.

Take a listen below to our first podcast and let us know what you guys think!

August 27, 16

Welcome to the unofficial Major Crimes Podcast!  It’s a podcast created by fans for fans of TNT’s Major Crimes. We’re glad you found us.

Every week we will be posting a new episode, or at least we’ll try, talking about a specific episode of Major Crimes. We’ve decided to go back to the beginning of the show and start from the beginning. You are all more than welcome to join us on our re-watch or you can watch at your own pace and listen to them whenever you fancy.

Be sure to check out our Twitter and our Facebook Page. There will be an attempt to update them as often as possible.

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